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About Us

1 on 1 Nutrition
has done Livestock Nutrition Consulting for the past 30+ years, all over the United States. We do not work for any feed companies. We try and use the local forages and grains available on the farm, if possible. And are the only company who has and knows how to use ALCOHOL to meet the recommend needed ENERGY for your hi-producing cows or growing beef herd. We are the only company who can correct the five major dairy problems or concerns to all dairymen.

1. Conception (Energy Demands)

2. Milk Production

3. Butter Fat

4. Production Cost

5. Culling Rate (Higher than 20%)

We make frequent visits to each dairy/beef operation, if needed. 1 on 1 Nutrition will even give you your First Ration FREE! So check out our Ration Page.